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12d Synergy Academy

Learn how to get the most out of 12d Synergy with free, online training across all aspects of the software: from the general basics to the deep technical.

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About the 12d Synergy Academy

12d Synergy Academy is a free, online video training platform, teaching you how to get the most out of 12d Synergy and your data management.

Dive into hours of valuable video courses on everything 12d Synergy and data management, delivered by industry professionals; and watch it all at your own pace, in your own time and wherever you are.

12d Synergy Academy Mission

The Mission
Like any software, knowing exactly how you can get the most out of 12d Synergy makes all the difference to your performance and success.

That’s where the 12d Synergy Academy comes in: we provide you with the essential training you need across all aspects of 12d Synergy, helping you achieve both career and company growth.

12d Synergy Academy Students

Who is this Training For?
From the general basics to the deep technical, the Academy is essential training for your whole company: whether you’re a veteran system administrator or are entirely new to 12d Synergy.

The 12d Synergy Academy is completely free. Take your 12d Synergy skills to the next level, get started today.

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Roll up your sleeves and dive into hours of free online training, teaching you how to learn and master 12d Synergy. It's time to get into it - click below to choose a course and get started.