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12d Model Management Fundamentals

A guided overview into the need-to-know features, workflows and best practices for using 12d Model with 12d Synergy.

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12d Model Data Management Fundamentals

About this Course

In this course, you’ll be guided through the fundamentals of working and managing 12d Model projects in 12d Synergy. This 40-minute introductory session will be presented by 12d Model expert user Tim Brooks.

This course aims to help 12d Model operators transition to working with 12d Synergy, so you can quickly become comfortable and operational in 12d Synergy.

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What You’ll Learn:
In this session, Tim introduces you to the need-to-know features and workflows for using 12d Model with 12d Synergy, including:

  • Creating and uploading 12d Model Projects with 12d Synergy
  • Checking-in and checking-out 12d Model Projects
  • Managing 12d Model customisations
  • Sharing 12d models and tins in 12d Synergy
  • Importing and exporting from a 12d Model Project
  • Offlining 12d Model Projects with 12d Synergy

Who should take this course:
All 12d Model operators who are new to working with 12d Model in 12d Synergy.

Course details:
5 videos

40 minutes completion time

12d Model – 12d Synergy thick client

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Tim Brooks

Your Instructor

Tim Brooks
Training Manager, 12d Synergy

Tim is an expert user of 12d Synergy and 12d Model with 22+ years’ experience in the civil engineering industry. He has helped hundreds of organisations configure, implement and onboard 12d Synergy.